Rite Aid Credit Card

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Rite Aid Pharmacy is one of the largest pharmacy chain and drug store in the United States.  Rite Aid has over 4,500 locations in the US.

Rite Aid does not have their own store credit card or private label credit card.  Shoppers can use Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover from major credit card issuers at the stores or online.

Rite Aid Logo

Store Name: Rite Aid Pharmacy
Store Website: www.riteaid.com
Store Phone Number: 1-800-748-3243
Store Description: Drug Store | Pharmacy
Store Locations: US | Canada
Store Credit Card: No – Does not have their own store credit card
Store Loyalty Program: Rite Aid Wellness +
Credit Cards Accepted: Visa | Mastercard | American Express | Discover | Gift Cards
Best Credit Cards to Use: Best Credit Cards to Use at Rite Aid
Store Coupons and Deals:
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