Chase Sapphire Reserve in Plastic Card?

Question: Why is my Chase Sapphire Reserve a plastic card and not a metal card?

Answer:  According to Chase, Chase Sapphire Reserve is so popular that they ran out of the metal needed to make the card.  In order to expedite the issuance of the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, Chase temporarily issued Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card in plastic.  Do not worry, once Chase has enough of the metal supplies, they will RE-ISSUE the Chase Sapphire Reserve in a metal card and mail it to you again.

The expected time frame is about 2-4 months to get the Chase Sapphire Reserve in metal.

Due to the extraordinary demand for Sapphire Reserve, we have rush-delivered the enclosed plastic Sapphire Reserve card for you to use temporarily. Rest assured, you will receive your hand-crafted embedded metal card as soon as it is available.


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Credit Card Website: Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card
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