Does McDonald’s have Credit Card?

Question: Does McDonald’s have their own store Credit Card?

Answer:  Although McDonald’s does not have their own store credit card, they accept all major credit cards.

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Credit Cards that are accepted at McDonald’s stores:

  • Visa Credit Card
  • Mastercard Credit Card
  • American Express Credit Card
  • Discover Credit Card
  • Prepaid Credit Cards
  • McDonald’s Gift Cards
Store Name:  McDonald's
Store Website:
Store Phone Number: 1-800-244-6227
Store Description:  Fast Food | Restaurant
Store Locations: US | Canada | Europe | Asia | Latin America
Store Credit Card: No – Does not have their own store credit card
Store Loyalty Program: Arch Card
Credit Cards Accepted: Visa | Mastercard | American Express | Discover | Gift Cards | Cash
Best Credit Cards to Use: Best Credit Cards to Use at McDonald's
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