Can we use Credit Cards in Japan?

Question: Can we use Credit Cards in Japan?

Answer: Yes, most BIG retailers, stores, restaurants and hotels in Japan accept credit cards but there are many local local shops that do not accept any credit cards; just cash.  Japan is still largely a cash based country.

What Credit Cards are accepted in Japan?

The following credit cards are accepted in Japan:

  • JCB issued credit cards
  • Visa issued credit cards
  • Mastercard issued credit cards
  • Discover issued credit cards
  • UnionPay issued credit cards.
  • Diners Club credit cards

Remember if your credit cards were issued in US, Europe, Asia or any countries beside Japan, the credit card company might assess a foreign transaction fee of 3%.  Make sure to use credit cards that does not have foreign transaction fee.  Debit cards issued by Visa and Mastercard can also be used in Japan.  Make sure to contact your credit card companies to inform them about using the credit card overseas.

Also remember most local or smaller stores do not accept credit cards in Japan.

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