Can I have two Visa Credit Cards?

Question: Can I have two Visa Credit Cards?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for another Visa credit card even if you are an existing Visa cardholder.  Visa credit cards are issued by many major banks from around the world.  In United States, Visa credit cards are issued by Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, People’s Bank and many others.  You can apply to all of the Visa credit cards and there is no limit in terms of how many Visa credit cards you can have.

Can you apply for 2 or more Visa credit cards on the same day?  Yes, you can apply for  multiple Visa credit cards on the same day.  It is usually not advisable to apply to more than 2 Visa credit cards with the same issuers on the same day.  For example, don’t apply for 6 Chase Visa Credit Cards on the same day.  Instead, you can apply for 2 Chase Visa credit cards, 2 Citibank Visa credit cards and 2 Bank of America Visa credit cards.

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