Can I have two Discover Credit Cards?

Question: Can I have two Discover Credit Cards?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for another Discover credit card even if you are an existing Discover cardholder.  You can not apply for the same Discover credit card. The 2nd Discover credit  card must be different from the first Discover card.

You can not apply for 2 Discover credit cards on the same day.  After your first Discover credit card approval, you must wait several months to apply for the second Discover credit card.

Below is a list of all Discover Credit Cards:

  • Discover IT Credit Card
  • Discover More
  • Discover Miles
  • Disover Motiva
  • Discover Business Credit Card
  • Discover IT for Students

Currently, Discover IT credit card is heavily promoted by Discover.  You might not be able to apply for other Discover cards.


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