How do I activate Citibank CitiGold Debit Card?

Question: How do I activate Citibank CitiGold Debit Card?


There are several ways to activate your new Citibank CitiGold Debit Card:

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The first way to activate the Citibank Gold Debit Card is by calling the Citibank CitiGold dedicated activation telephone number: 1-866-266-3419.

The second way to activate Citibank CitiGold Debit Card is inserting the new CitiGold Debit Card to any ATM machine and entering your old PIN Number to activate the debit card.

The third way to activate Citibank CitiGold Debit Card is by logging in to your online Citibank account and entering your CitiGold Debit Card number, your checking or saving account number and PIN Number.

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