What is Nordstrom Credit Card Payment Address?

Question: What is the payment address for Nordstrom Credit Card?

Answer: There are 2 Nordstrom Credit Cards: Nordstrom Store Card and Nordstrom Visa Credit Card.

The payment address for Nordstrom Store RetailCredit Card:
P.O. Box 79134
Phoenix, AZ  85062-9134

The Payment Address for Nordstrom Visa Credit Card is
P.O. Box 79137
Phoenix, AZ   85062-9137
Make the check payable to “Nordstrom.”  Nordstrom Credit Cards are issued by TD Bank.
Nordstrom Credit Card
You can also pay Nordstrom credit card at any Nordstrom store in the United States or alternatively, you can pay the Nordstrom credit card at www.nordstromcard.com
Credit Card Name: Nordstrom Credit Card
Credit Card URL: Nordstrom Credit Card account
Credit Card Issuer: TD Bank
Credit Card Type: Store Credit Card | Visa
Store  Payment Address: Nordstrom P.O. Box 79134 Phoenix AZ 85062-9134
Visa Payment Address: Nordstrom Visa P.O. Box 791347 Phoenix AZ 85062-9137
Credit Card Login: Nordstrom Credit Card account
Credit Card Phone Number: 1-866-491-7860
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