What is Chase Sapphire Reserve Interest Rate?

Question:  What is Chase Sapphire Reserve Interest Rate?

Answer: Credit Card interest rate is usually determined by the Prime Rate and cardholder’s creditworthiness.  Every credit card issuers set their own Prime Rate but it is generally Federal Overnight Funding Rate + 3%.  Currently, the Federal Overnight Funding Rate is 0.25% to 0.50%, therefore, the Prime Rate is about 3.5%

Prime Rate = Federal Overnight Funding Rate + 3% = 0.5% + 3.0% = 3.5%

The Chase Sapphire Reserve interest rate 16.24% to 23.24% based on credit card holders creditworthiness.  The interest rate is also called Credit Card APR Rate.

The interest rate will fluctuate so please make sure to check the interest rate periodically.

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Credit Card Name:  Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card
Credit Card Signup: Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Signup
Telephone Number: 1-800-432-3117
Credit Card Login: Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card Login
Credit Card Website: Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card
Payment Address: Chase Cardmember Service  PO Box 15153 Wilmington DE 19886-5153
Overnight Payment Address:  Chase Card Services 201 N. Walnut Street DE1-0153 Wilmington DE 19801
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