Can I Use Visa at Costco?

Question: Can I Use Visa Credit Card at Costco?

Answer: Yes, you can use ANY Visa Credit Card at Costco.  You can ONLY use Visa credit cards as Costco stores do not accept any other credit cards such as American Express, Discover or Mastercard.  Costco switched from American Express Credit Card to Visa as exclusive credit card payment on June 20, 2016.

  • Please note, you can use any Visa credit card.  It doesn’t have to be Costco Anywhere Visa by Citibank.  You can use the following credit cards
  • Chase Freedom Visa
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa
  • Citi Simplicity Visa
  • Citi Thank You Preferred
  • Capital One Venture Visa
  • Capital One Spark Visa
  • BankAmericard Cash Rewards Visa
  • Bank of America Visa Credit Cards Visa
  • Any credit card with a Visa Logo on it

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Before June 20, 2016, you could only use American Express credit cards.  After June 20, 2016, you could only use Visa credit cards, along with cash, checks, debit and ATM cards, Electronic benefit transfer (EBT) and Costco Cash cards.

You can still use your Mastercard and Discover credit card at website but not for in-store purchase.

Costco Credit Cards are issued by Citibank.

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