Can I have two American Express Credit Cards?

Question: Can I have two American Express/Amex Credit Cards?

Answer: Yes, you can apply for another Amex credit card even if you are an existing Amex cardholder.  American Express is the world largest credit card issuer.  In United States, American Express issues their own credit cards and have partnership agreements with major companies to administer American Express credit cards.  For example, Macy’s and Navy Federal have agreements with Amex to administer Amex cards to their customers.

Can you apply for 2 or more American Express credit cards on the same day?  Yes, you can apply for  multiple American Express credit cards on the same day.  It is usually not advisable to apply more than 2 American Express credit cards with the same issuers on the same day.  For example, don’t apply for 6 American Express Credit Cards from Amex on the same day.  Instead, you can apply for 2 American Express from Amex, 1 Macy’s American Express Credit Card, 1 Navy Federal American Express credit card and etc.

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